In the summer of 1998 I found myself in a most unlikely place—Vietnam.  I was not there to fight a war but to adopt a little boy.  My journey began almost a year earlier and has continued through today.  We named our little boy Joshua and he has been a true joy to raise. He is nineteen years old now and we would not trade the experience for anything in the world.


Adopting a child is a monumental decision and one not to be taken lightly.  The decision to adopt will have a profound effect on the life of the child and on the lives of you and your spouse.  Although our adoption was an international adoption, there are many other types of adoptions.


What Types Of Adoptions Are Available In Tennessee?


Step Parent Adoption


The most common type of adoption is a step-parent adoption where a child is adopted by the spouse of the natural parent.  This type of adoption is often completed with the consent of the other parent and is by far the least complicated and most inexpensive type of adoption.  I have handled a number of step-parent adoption cases and can answer any questions you might have regarding the process of this type of adoption.


Private Agency Adoption


The next most common type of adoption is a private agency adoption.  Usually, a birth mother contacts an agency and the agency pairs the birth mother with the prospective adoptive parents.  In most private agency adoptions, the birth mother will have a say in who will adopt the child and in most cases, the adoption is an open adoption where the birth mother will be able to follow the growth and development of the child and might even spend time with the child and the adoptive family.


International Adoptions


In addition to domestic private agency adoptions, international adoptions are usually handled by private agencies.  Often the local adoption agency has ties with a larger agency located in the United States that handles international adoptions.  The larger agency will have contacts with agencies or officials located in foreign countries.  Most of the contact will be with the local adoption agency who will coordinate the process.


Public Agency Adoptions


Closely akin to private agency adoptions are public agency adoptions.  This usually involves the Department of Human Services and the foster care system.  Often the parental rights of the birth parents will need to be involuntarily terminated.  During the termination process, the child will live with a foster family.  Once the termination occurs, the child can be placed for adoption.  Often, the adoption will occur immediately following the termination.  This process can be lengthy and can involve appeals and other complicated court proceedings.


Private Adoption


The least common type of adoption is a private adoption.  This process usually involves an attorney who will act as the intermediary between the birth mother and the adoptive parents.  Often, the birth mother and adoptive parents will have agreed on the adoption prior to involving the attorney.  In such a situation, the role of the attorney is in drafted the paperwork and ensuring that the law pertaining to private adoptions are followed.


Adoption Planning, Guidance and Representation You Can Trust


No matter your situation, I can help guide you through the adoption process.  Not only do I have personal experience with adoption, I have handled a number of adoption cases throughout my years of practice.  No matter what your question, please contact me and I will be happy to discuss your particular situation with you.